Land of Thoughts – Ajatuksien maa

Sculpture & Children bookTHE LAND OF THOUGHTS
Includes 12 pages, A1 size paper
Together with the children of Töölö Montessori playschool, Helsinki

Imagine traveling or living in a continent that can move around the world one location after another just by the power of thought. How would it feel to swim in a flower and seashell ocean, where you can meet diver animals and pink princess dolphins, which can magically make all the storms and ghosts away? Also when it rains in the land, it rains candies. In the Thought City the shops are selling only surprises and heart shaped people are living in a stroll houses. In the wilderness there are carnivore trees with chameleon that can talk and lions that can fly. Spoken language in The Land of Thoughts is thought language and the flag has a mind bubble as a symbol. As well to this land everyone are warmly welcomed.

The Land of Thoughts is collaborative work with 34 children aged 3-6 from The Töölö Montessori School of Helsinki. Anttila has given the children a topic of “If the world would get a new continent, what there would be?” All the children made their own ideas to the pages, which was built after as a children size book that consist children’s thoughts. The children made a book that is their utopic view of a new ideal land in the world. They came up themself with the name for the land, which describes well of the fact that everyone has an ideal land in their head. The book is participatory art work, what is designed to small children. They can literally walk inside the pages and play inside the book. The viewer can develop their imagination and it reveals the fact how play, research and action combined can become a way of learning. The work has been shown in Töölö Library, Helsinki, 2013.