Together with artist Alan Bulfin

Fight Nights utilises the material and contexts of lived spaces to perpetuate playful art works. Artist Alan Bulfin is the host of the night. The materials such as board games, jumpers, buckets and mops are transformed during the performances to create ways to play together.

The hope is to spark imagination. Everyone can join and create more ways to fight against the boredom and banality that we find at home.

We have created together a board game Fight Night with Alan Bulfin. This game is a board game that everyone can take part and have a good time trying to reach different domestic items.

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Exhibited at Gaming the System -art event, part of Living Spaces Pikseliähky Helsinki and Gaming the System goes Limerick, Red Hen, Limerick, Ireland, 2015. Olohuonenäyttely, Fight Night, together with Pii Anttila, Yhteismaa, Helsinki, 2014. Website of Alan Bulfin: Livingroom Exhibition: